Winchester Street site - outline planning application

The site is approximately 26 hectares and is located to the north east of Botley. It is bounded by residential properties on Winchester Street and the village of Botley to the south, the railway line to the north, the River Hamble to the east and agricultural fields and Hedge End to the west. A public right of way crosses the site from Winchester Street to land to the north of the railway line.

The site is currently agricultural land and includes a cluster of listed farm buildings. These buildings do not form part of the outline planning proposals but will be developed separately at a later stage as part of a detailed planning submission. The outline proposals take full account of the listed buildings to ensure they are incorporated within the wider development proposal.

The outline proposals for the Winchester Street site include up to 375 new homes, public open space and additional allotments.

Key design principles include:

  • up to 375 new homes are proposed on the Winchester Street site – this would be reduced to around 330 new homes if the 132kv overhead power cables are not undergrounded. It is hoped through negotiation with Scottish and Southern Electricity (SSE) that these cables can be diverted and placed underground this will help maximise the sites development potential and improve the wider environment;
  • a range of one to four-bedroom houses, and 1 and 2 bedroom apartments including 40 specialist, potentially retirement, apartments;
  • five adaptable housing units have been added on the Winchester Street site, which could be bungalows, or specially adapted housing for people whose children have additional needs;
  • the illustrative masterplans have been influenced by key characteristics in the local area – with larger houses set back from the roadway, with front gardens to create more rural edges;
  • a townscape approach that complements the existing village of Botley, preserves the historic setting of the listed buildings and maximises green spaces – with a village green at the heart of the site;
  • three-storey apartment block moved from the frontage of Winchester Street to the layout influenced by key characteristics of local area, with the larger homes being set back from the roadway with front gardens to create more rural edges;
  • centre of the layout to reduce visual impact;
  • parking plots and landscaping to reduce visibility of parked cars within the development;
  • green networks with a variety of informal spaces that can be used for leisure and sport including jogging, cycling and walking circuits - with views to the River Hamble and tree lined edges; and
  • communal spaces for small community events, allotments and potential for a community orchard.

Key changes made to the proposals following the public consultation (July 2018) include:

  • A connection point for the foul sewer has been agreed in principle with Southern Water;
  • Acoustic bund/ fences to be provided where required along the route of the by-pass to help mitigate the noise impact of the by-pass;
  • Five adaptable housing units have been added, which are proposed to be bungalows that could be specially adapted housing for people with additional needs;
  • A two and a half / three storey apartment block has been moved from the frontage of Winchester Street towards the centre of the masterplan to reduce visual impact;
  • Parking plots have been incorporated within the outline masterplan, landscaping is proposed to reduce the visibility of parked cars within the development; and
  • The layout has been influenced by key characteristics in the local area – with larger houses set back from the roadway with front gardens to create more rural edges.

Proposed offsite improvement to support the Winchester Street outline application (December 2018):

Existing public right of way and Botley to Bishops Waltham rail trail
A new Uplands Farm Connections Plan has been created that highlights the proposed new dedicated routes within the development sites, conjoining routes outside of the site and how the new dedicated routes will connect with the existing network. The existing public right of way, Botley Footpath No.3 will be retained and improved where it crosses the site. 

Hampshire County Council is supportive of the principle of the planned bridleway from Botley to Bishops Waltham and support is therefore given to the creation initially of a new public right of way connection from the bypass to Newhouse Farm, which will link in with the existing Botley Footpath No.3 Botley (running north-south past Newhouse Farm).  

The route from the Botley bypass to Newhouse Farm will in the first instance need to be dedicated for pedestrian use only – with the whole route being upgraded to a bridleway in the longer term, utilising the bypass horse facilities, and providing a new recreational route for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrian users.