Site considerations

The design concept for the proposed masterplans have been shaped and influenced by the existing ecological and landscape features of the site and technical constraints.

Factors influencing the proposed design concept include:

  • preservation and protection of key tree lines and hedgerows;
  • preservation and protection of the ancient woodland at Bushy Copse/Bottom Copse Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) - to include a non-development protective buffer of at least 15 metres;
  • protection and enhancement of the listed buildings of the Uplands Farm complex on the Winchester Street site;
  • proximity to the River Hamble – ecological buffer zone to be provided.
  • the character of the surrounding area including neighbouring historic Botley Conservation Area;
  • buffer and easement zones for existing utilities crossing both sites, these include: overhead electricity cables and pylons; water main(s); and gas main;
  • existing rights of way;
  • the proposed route of the Botley bypass and the safeguarding of land; and
  • preserving the existing rural landscape.

To help fully assess and understand the potential environmental impacts of the proposed development an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) was undertaken, which helped to identify measures to minimise and mitigate any impacts identified.