Design principles

The vision is supported by a series of design principles: healthy community; economic prosperity; social communities; resilient and sustainable; sense of place; and environmental quality – as set out below.

There is also the aspiration to deliver exemplar housing development that achieves BREEAM Excellent. The BREEAM Excellent methodology provides a benchmarking process recording design decisions and providing a checking mechanism that works in parallel with the design process.

To help guide developers a broad design code for each site has been prepared. The code has been prepared in conjunction with the Borough Council and sets out design principles and parameters, ensuring that the final scheme will be of the highest quality.  


Health and wellbeing

Creating routes and spaces that promote walking and cycling, green travel plans and landscaped areas for leisure, sport and recreation.

Creating communities

Creating formal and informal green spaces for play and recreation – for all ages and abilities – and high quality public spaces that promotes ownership and respect for the environment.

Economic prosperity

Supporting local business opportunities and providing infrastructure for economic growth.

Sense of place

Creating landscaped areas, public spaces and streets that are easy to navigate, encourage a sense of belonging and promote interaction.

Resilience and sustainability

Well connected places, designed to accommodate a changing climate, with sustainable drainage and energy generation opportunities and space for community gardening.

Environmental quality

Preserving and enhancing existing green infrastructure; creating high quality, well defined landscape areas; incorporating public art, leisure and recreation; and integrating and enhancing existing historical assets.