Hampshire County Council consulted the local community and stakeholders about the proposals for the Uplands Farm Estate to help establish a high-quality development that integrates with the existing community, maximises local benefits and addresses potential impacts.

A public consultation was held on the emerging outline proposals for the Uplands Farm Estate (22 September to 20 October 2017). Hampshire County Council, in partnership with Wildern Academy Trust and the Department for Education, then consulted on detailed proposals for new schools in the local area, including a 7-form entry secondary school on the Woodhouse Lane site (18 December 2017 to 31 January 2018).

Over 400 people attended consultation events for the Uplands Farm Estate proposals.  95 completed questionnaires were returned (either electronically or in hard copy) and a further 39 comments were received via email and telephone calls for the consultation on the outline proposals and a further 20 responses were received regarding the detailed proposals for a new secondary school on the Woodhouse Lane site.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the consultation and provided comments and suggestions on the emerging proposals.  All responses have been reviewed and feedback considered as we developed the masterplan proposals and the detailed proposals for the new secondary school.  A response to the key issues received and how they have been addressed is provided in the Statement of Community Involvements, which forms part of the supporting documentation for the planning applications, which can be viewed on Eastleigh Borough Council’s website.

Update: December 2018

As a result of consultation on the Uplands Farm Estate planning applications (submitted July 2018), Hampshire County Council has made the following design changes to the development proposals:

Land West of Woodhouse Lane (hybrid application)

Woodhouse Lane northern access junction
An improvement to the Botley Bypass roundabout to include a longer segregated left hand lane for traffic coming from the Winchester Street direction on to Woodhouse Lane.  To accommodate this change the northbound carriageway of Woodhouse Lane has moved slightly westwards into the development site as it approaches the roundabout and resulted in the new proposed pedestrian underpass being slightly extended.

Winchester Road railway bridge
Following consultation feedback and primary school catchment changes, the following amendments are proposed: 

  • An improved highway design which includes a new footway/cycleway of 2.4m (instead of the 2.4 to 4m originally proposed)with two-way traffic flows across the length of the bridge.  The new design removes the need for traffic signalswhich is now possible following a review of the primary school catchment for the development. After a review of school forecasts the primary school age children will now be accommodated within the existing Berrywood Primary School rather than cross the railway to access primary schools as previously proposed. This means a smaller footway/cycleway can be provided over the Winchester Road railway bridge. 
  • A new light-controlled puffin pedestrian crossing on Winchester Road, approx. 85m to the north west of Crows Nest Lane, which has changed to improve visibility for vehicles heading north along Winchester Road now that the signalisation of the bridge is no longer proposed. 
  • Following the proposed changes to the signalisation of the bridge, the Winchester Street / Woodhouse Lane junction has been reduced in scale to support the change in traffic priority and improve highway safety.

School open spaces, foul drainage and boundary changes
The following changes are proposed to address the relationship between the proposed school and the Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) along Bushy Copse and Bottom Copse:

  • The proposed fence surrounding Bushy Copse is to be moved away from the protected woodland and will be lower in scale.  A new fence, that will not impede the passage of wildlife, is proposed through the Copse to help secure the school boundary and safeguard pupils.
  • A new 20m buffer is proposed between the school playing fields and Bottom Copse, at the southern boundary of the site. A new public footpath is proposed to allow pedestrian access from Woodhouse Lane along the proposed maintenance track to the public open space to the west of the school playing fields and improve the pedestrian network within the site.
  • The western boundary of the school playing fields has been adjusted by approximately 14m, to account for the additonal SINC buffer to Bottom Copse.  This boundary will be reinforced with new hedgerow planting between the public open space and the school playing fields. 

Proposed offsite improvement to support the Winchester Street outline application 

Existing public right of way and Botley to Bishops Waltham rail trail
A new Uplands Farm Connections Plan has been created that highlights the proposed new dedicated routes within the development sites, conjoining routes outside of the site and how the new dedicated routes will connect with the existing network. The existing public right of way, Botley Footpath No.3 will be retained and improved where it crosses the site. 

Hampshire County Council is supportive of the principle of the planned bridleway from Botley to Bishops Waltham and support is therefore given to the creation initially of a new public right of way connection from the bypass to Newhouse Farm, which will link in with the existing Botley Footpath No.3 Botley (running north-south past Newhouse Farm).  

The route from the Botley bypass to Newhouse Farm will in the first instance need to be dedicated for pedestrian use only – with the whole route being upgraded to a bridleway in the longer term, utilising the bypass horse facilities, and providing a new recreational route for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrian users.

Both sites: Design Code
To help guide developers a broad design code for each site has been prepared. The code has been prepared in conjunction with the Borough Council and sets out design principles and parameters, ensuring that the final scheme will be of the highest quality.


Community Forum

A Community Forum will be established to provide an opportunity for representatives of the local community and stakeholders to work with the project team and selected developers as the detailed proposals for the Uplands Farm Estate sites evolve. This Forum can also be utilised through the planning, development and delivery stages and could evolve into a Community Development Trust for the new community if appropriate. 

If you would like to register an interest in joining the Community Forum please email your name, position, organisation, address and email to


Consultation library

  • Newsletter 1 (September 2017)
  • Newsletter 2 (August 2018)
  • Exhibition boards (consultation on outline proposals for the Uplands Farm Estate)
  • Exhibition boards (consultation on detailed proposals for the new secondary school)
  • Workshop report 1 (July 2017)
  • Workshop report 2 (September 2017)
  • Focus group report (October 2017)