Uplands Farm Estate consists of two sites owned by Hampshire County Council - west of Woodhouse Lane in Hedge End and north and east of Winchester Street in Botley.  Collectively these sites will deliver up to 980 new homes including 35% affordable housing, playing fields, areas of open space, a local centre, additional allotments and a new 7 form entry (7FE) secondary school.

The Woodhouse Lane site was granted planning permission by Eastleigh Borough Council last year. Preparatory works to support the infrastructure works started along Woodhouse Lane in January 2020.  This initial phase of work is due to be completed by the end of February, before the bird nesting season. 

Work has also started on the construction of the new secondary school, with contractor Kier carrying out site preparation works on Woodhouse Lane to create a temporary construction access and site compound to enable the construction of the school buildings, which is now underway. 

Hampshire County Council Property Services has been commissioned to oversee the design and construction of the school by the Department for Education (DfE) and Wildern Academy Trust has been selected by the Secretary of State for Education to operate the new free school.  Deer Park School is expected to open in September 2021 and will initially accommodate 120 Year 7 pupils, rising to 1,050 at full capacity. 

Wildern Academy Trust is undertaking Section 10 consultation to help inform the Secretary of State for Education's decision on whether to enter into a funding agreement with Wildern Academy Trust for Deer Park School. Consultation closes on 24 April 2020.

The planning application on land North of Winchester Street is expected to be determined by Eastleigh Borough Council in the Spring.  Details of this planning application can be viewed on the council’s website.  Reference number: O/18/83698. 

Hampshire County Council is also proposing to build a new Bypass to relieve traffic congestion and improve air quality in Botley village (granted consent in November 2017). The Uplands Farm Estate applications were designed with reference to the consented Bypass scheme to ensure all three applications are fully integrated and the development of these sites will enable the release of land required to construct the Botley Bypass. 

We are in the process of refreshing the website to reflect the work currently being undertaken.  In the meantime, please register for email updates.

Our proposals

Project vision

To create new communities within a rural location that are well connected to the existing settlements of Hedge End and Botley and promote a high quality of life by providing:

  • Housing to meet local needs – with a variety of types and tenures.
  • Sustainable transport options and layouts that promote active lifestyles.
  • A mixture of uses including social, education, commercial and residential.
  • Outdoor spaces, street design and landscape that encourage social interaction ton create a community atmosphere.
  • High quality design that creates a distinctive sense of place.
Design principles