Uplands Farm Estate consists of two sites owned by Hampshire County Council - west of Woodhouse Lane in Hedge End, and north of Winchester Street in Botley.  Both sites have been identified for future housing development in Eastleigh Borough Council’s emerging Local Plan. Hampshire County Council is also proposing a bypass for Botley, which was granted formal planning approval in November 2017.

Proposals are being developed for the two sites, which could include up to 1,025 new private and affordable homes of different types and sizes, a local centre with up to 1,000 square metres of employment spaces, public open space, sports pitches and additional allotments.

A public consultation was held from 22 September to 20 October 2017, during which members of the public were invited to provide their views to help shape proposals for new homes, a secondary school and community facilities on the Uplands Farm Estate in Botley and Hedge End - in response to local housing and education needs.

At the same time, and as part of the Uplands Farm Estate consultation, Wildern Academy Trust, working alongside the County Council, also invited residents to feedback on proposals for a secondary school on the Woodhouse Lane site.

The project team is now reviewing comments, considering feedback and undertaking studies and surveys to inform the final proposals, which are due to be submitted to Eastleigh Borough Council by spring 2018.


Our proposals Public consultation

Project vision

To create new communities within a rural location that are well connected to the existing settlements of Hedge End and Botley and promote a high quality of life by providing:

  • Housing to meet local needs – with a variety of types and tenures.
  • Sustainable transport options and layouts that promote active lifestyles.
  • A mixture of uses including social, education, commercial and residential.
  • Outdoor spaces, street design and landscape that encourage social interaction ton create a community atmosphere.
  • High quality design that creates a distinctive sense of place.
Design principles